The Impact of a Short Promotional Video & Brand Story Video for Kingston Vybes LLC / Reggie Coles 11-01-23
Reggie Coles, the owner of Kingston Vybes, sets up at the Flat Iron, a local bar in #DowntownGreensboro with his soul food island fusion ready to serve and get customers here and there from a small social media presence and word of mouth.
After producing a video advertising him and his food using his passion to sell himself in the video more people flocked to purchase his food. This video was posted on both the Kingston Vybes Instagram account as well as on Go.Greensboro Instagram account. Go.Greensboro is an social media brand with 11.8k followers on Instagram that I collaborated with to get Kingston Vybes more business. 
Then I produced a video advertising him setting up at the Smoke Stack Social, which was a weekly event during the summer and into September at Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC. This time included more customer interaction, customers speaking genuinely about their overall experience, and again including Reggie's passion for making the food.
After posting that brand story video, people flocked left and right to Reggie's business coming from all over every week. Just the next week after the video came out he sold out, meaning he didn't prepare enough food for the demand he had.

Here's Reggie Coles, the owner of Kingston Vibes, a food/catering company specializing in soul food island fusion, talking genuinely about his experience.  
I recently created a short brand story video for him and his company, showcasing their presence at The Bearded Goat at Revolution Mill Apartments in August and September.  
The Impact of a Brand Story Video for Aspen Irrigation, 2 years later - 10-23-23
Here's a brand story video we created for Aspen Irrigation Systems some time ago. It saved the owner of the business a ton of time, got him more business, and made him more money.
This video provided John McPhail, the owner of the business, with significant value. When John McPhail hired us to create this video for him, he hadn't been in business for very long, and he was also somewhat old school. He had no website or social media presence for his business. He had obtained the limited work he had for his irrigation company solely through word of mouth.
Then, we created this video for his business and suggested to him to establish social media accounts and a website for his business to feature the video. Maintaining his old-school approach, he chose not to pursue these suggestions, but he used the video we created to enhance his word-of-mouth marketing.
When someone inquired about his business, he would send them the video instead of having to explain, either through text or over the phone, why his services were superior to those of his competitors or having to reiterate everything in the video.
The video we created for his company saved him a considerable amount of time, as it effectively conveyed the quality, passion, and values of the company.
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