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It’s not easy to find a video production company that offers what you truly need. Not only do we provide creative ideas and well put-together videos - but the marketing know-how that gets you results, and the project management skills to finish the project on time and on budget. That’s exactly what our team can do for you. We have a proven process that strategically shares your brand’s stories with the world while guiding you to success as a leader in your industry. We pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency, and strong communication that results in successful campaigns. Our deliverables not only engage and entertain, but inspire your audience into becoming your biggest fans. Oh yeah, and we never forget to have fun while doing it. We believe work should be a blast for everyone!
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Welcome to With A Twist Media, providing content strategist that creates brand story videos for companies. Using your passion to make your potential customers your biggest fans using a documentary style. My name is Dylan Smith and I am the lead filmmaker here. 
I'm based out of Greensboro, N.C. and will travel.
Contact us today. I would love to work with you, share your story and develop a personalized strategy.
Our Story
My name is Dylan Smith, I'm the director here. I've been helping businesses by providing them the strategy aimed at making them more money by sharing their passion and story through video and photo.
The focus in these films and photos is telling a story by showcasing personality through genuine passion and emotion captured through the lens to make your potential customers your biggest fans.

I started making videos when I was nine years old, always trying new things I saw in movies and other forms of media


July, 2021 - Present, Now full time with filmmaking & photography. Working with some amazing businesses and individuals from all over the country. Both local and large companies, sticking to my roots of showcasing the passion these people have for what they do big and small. I know have a team I call upon when help is needed.
The question is, how can I help you? Send me a message, and let's see what I can do for you or your business, brand or personality.

 In 2019, I went to Photography School at Randolph Community College, learning how to print prints out of my digital images, learning composition, pacing in video and lighting, and working on a deadline with photojournalism work. There I received an Associates Degree in Photographic Technologies Photojournalism.

I did two 8 week 320-hour internships. One was with 
All-Pro Media, a media company that does corporate video and commercial photography. There I got to see and help with numerous larger budget videos. There I got to see practical uses of interviews, Broll, and live events. I continue to do Freelance jobs with them.
Lighthouse Visuals, a visuals company that does real estate photography, video, and virtual tours for properties all around the state of North Carolina. There I learned to work on a deadline every day, and I was given multiple houses a day to do and have turned in each night. There I learned a lot about time management and communicating better with people. 
February - May 2019 I learned more by spending two months solely working on a documentary for Mebane Antique Auction Company and their Discovery of the Melrose Mansion in Reidsville, NC.

Thank you!
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